Zebra Haworthia (h. attenuata )

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How to look after your Zebra Haworthia

Needs at least 6-8 hours of bright indirect sunlight

Allow soil to dry out before watering again.

Average humidty and room temperature is fine.

Feed once during its growing season in the late winter and early autumn with a cactus and succulent fertiliser

History of Zebra Haworthia

This mini succulent is native to South Africa and is closely related to the Aloe family. They are named after British botanist and entomologist Adrian Hardy Haworth. 

Where to place it

These sun dwelling succulents are best placed on windowsills and can even be taken outside during the summer if it gets warm enough- watch out for pests though!


Kynance Planter (10.5cm)
Kynance Planter (10.5cm)
Kynance Planter (10.5cm)
Kynance Planter (10.5cm)
St Ives Planter (9cm)
St Ives Planter (9cm)
St Ives Planter (9cm)

People love us

Really cute little plant. Looks great in the St Ives Planter

mia h.

Wanted the plant delivered to my best friend on her birthday but bought few days before. It arrived on the exact day and was perfect.


Plants arrived in condition and looked exactly as there were seen on screen.


Very happy with the plants

terry e.

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