Swiss cheese Plant (monstera deliciosa)

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How to look after your Swiss Cheese Plant 

Bright indirect light.

Water deeply allowing the soil to dry out between watering.

Monstera's aren't fussy by increased humidity helps them thrive. 

Only feed once a month during its growing season in the Summer.

History of Swiss Cheese Plants

Monstera's were first discovered in the late 1600s. by Charles Plumier, a botanist from France. Monstera's were first brought to the UK in the 16th century for its fruit and for its large ornamental foliage. Native to Central America these plants have a long history, often cultivated for its food, medicine and fibres with the roots being used to weave ropes and baskets.

Fruits of their labour

Monstera Deliciosa's are named after the delicious fruit that grows on them in the wild. The 20cm fruit has a flavour similar to banana/pineapple/passionfruit hybrid.


Eden Concrete Grey Planter with Stand (19cm)
Eden Concrete Grey Planter with Stand (19cm)
Eden Concrete Grey Planter with Stand (19cm)
Peninsula Emerald Planter (20cm)
Peninsula Emerald Planter (20cm)

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Beautiful plant and great service

mary j.

Very well packaged, made an excellent gift! The plants were as shown on the website so was really happy when they arrived! Thank you 😁

anna k. 

Good size, good quality plant pot. Tempted to buy a few more...!

mia h.

Fast delivery, and brilliant customer service. Very happy with the plant!


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