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Swiss cheese Plant | monstera deliciosa

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Swiss cheese Plant | monstera deliciosa

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Swiss Cheese Plant (monstera deliciosa) are adored by many for its unique heart shaped leaves with cuts and holes. These holes and slits develop so that the plant can withstand heavy rainfall in its natural rainforest habitat. They are incredibly easy to look after and its large foliage makes an instant focal point. Wipe down its glossy green leaves every now and then to stop dust from accumulating and stunting photosynthesis. Monstera by name monster by nature sit back and watch this plant grow like there is no tomorrow!

Also Known as: Fruit Salad Plant, Custard Plant, Indian Ivy, Cheese Plant

Origin: Southern Mexico / Columbia

Plant Care

Temperature: Between 18-27 degrees Celsius

Light: Bright room but keep away from direct sunlight to avoid scorching its leaves.

Watering: Water deeply allowing the soil surface to dry out between watering.

Soil: Well-draining soil is ideal for this plant – a peat based soil mix with perlite/ sand works great.

Re-Potting: Only re-pot when needed (approx. every two years) during spring.

Fertilizer: Only feed during the summer months – once a month whilst it is actively growing.

Humidity:  love high humidity. Misting the leaves, placing pebbles in the tray or a humidifier are all good options.

Propagation: Propagating Monstera’s are easy. Just cut the stem of a mature plant just below an aerial root at the node. Place the cutting about an inch deep into soil and water moderately.

Air purifying: Yes


Pot Size: 17cm 

Height: 65cm

Shipping and Returns

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Renee G
Happy to have my new plants

Everything in the process was really simple and smooth. I appreciated the plant care info on the site so that helped me prepare for my new plant. It was already well packed and beautiful arriving and is already continuing to open up new leaves.

Sandra Boateng
Beautiful healthy plant

I bought the Swiss cheese plant about a month ago and I’ve falling completely in love with plants. That was my first plants as a beginner. I’ve now purchased 7 more plants, 4 from earth and vine. I can highly recommend the monstera and definitely earth and vine.

Jessie Morgan

Swiss cheese Plant (monstera deliciosa)

Anna Kings
Excellent gift

Very well packaged, made an excellent gift! The plants were as shown on the website so was really happy when they arrived! Thank you 😁

Mary Joseph

Beautiful plant and great service