Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)


Additional Information

How to look after your Spider Plant

This low maintenance plant is happy with most light conditions. Keep away from bright direct light to avoid scorched leaves.

Allow to dry out between watering. Doesn't like soggy roots so best to underwater rather than overwater!

Average room temperature and high humidity keep brown tips from forming.

Feed with a weak houseplant fertiliser once a month during Spring and Summer.

History of Spider Plants

Spider Plants were introduced to Europe during the late 18th century and were brought over by explorer Carl Peter Thunberg from Southern Africa. 
This easy going hanging plant was a favourite in Victorian households and was referred to as a ribbon plant. It was used to decorate grand stairways and parlours in the finest 18th century homes.

NASA Approved 

In their clean air study, NASA determined that Spider Plants were incredibly effective at purifying the air. They have been shown to remove common household toxins such as Formaldehyde and Xylene from the air.


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Maenporth Planter
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I am very happy with my plants, they were delivered with care and were in great condition.

burungi k.

Beautiful, healthy looking succulent. Delivery was quick and it's a great addition to my succulent collection. I will definitely be buying more plants from here.


Plants arrived in condition and looked exactly as there were seen on screen.


Wanted the plant delivered to my best friend on her birthday but bought few days before. It arrived on the exact day and was perfect.

Ira Daniel - LA

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