Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)


Additional Information

How to look after your Snake Plant

Prefers bright indirect late but can learn to adapt to full sun as well as shade.

Err on the side of under-watering. Allow top 2 inches of soil to dry out before watering.

Keep in a warm room away from cold draughts.

Feed with a general cactus fertiliser during the growing season through Spring to Summer. Feed monthly.

History of Snake Plants

Snake Plants were first cultivated in China where those who grew them were believed to have been bestowed great.virtues from the 8 Gods. (Prosperity, long life, intelligence, art, poetry, beauty, health and strength). 

Perfect for Offices

Snake Plants are perfect office plants as they are very forgiving and drought tolerant. Not only will the freshen up and add energy to your work place but they were also one of the plants in NASA's clean air study meaning your space will be purified too!


Tewyn Pot (16cm)
Tewyn Pot (16cm)
Treen Pot - Turquoise (18cm)
Treen Pot - Turquoise (18cm)
Zennor Pot - Mint
Zennor Pot - Mint
Eden Concrete Grey Planter with Stand (19cm)
Eden Concrete Grey Planter with Stand (19cm)
Eden Concrete Grey Planter with Stand (19cm)

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I ordered two plant pots as a result of seeing Earth and Vine highlighted on social media during black pound day. I was both surprised and delighted that they were delivered the next afternoon. I have since placed a second order.


The delivery was swift and I loved the personal touch. My elephant ear plant is in perfect condition, very happy with my order. Have ordered from other online plant stores but earth and vine's quality is top.

ernie j.

Very impressive service. One of my plants arrived very damaged and customer service immediately ordered a replacement which arrived a few days later in good condition.

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I had a really great experience with with Earth and Vine. I ordered 3 plant potters, which came to around £45. The quality of the planters are really great and they have a contemporary vibe with natural textures that love.

The planters arrived in 3 business days as I ordered on a weekend, and we’re securely packaged so there was no broken ceramics to worry about!

100% would recommend!


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