Prayer Plant (Maranta)


Additional Information

How to look after your Maranta

Bright indirect light. Full sun may scorch its leaves.

Water once the top 2 inches of soil are dry. Never allow soil to dry out completely. 

Prefers warmer temperatures. Maintain regular misting to increase humidity.

Feed every 2 weeks with a houseplant fertiliser during the summer months.

History of Maranta

Maranta's are closely related to Calathea's and were named after a 16th century botanist and physician called Bartolomeo Maranta. 

This flowering plant is native to the jungles of Brazil and other places across Central and South America. 

Why is it called a Prayer Plant?

Prayer Plants get their name from their ability to fold their leaves up at night like praying hands. 

Why do they do this? 
They open their leaves during the day to absorb as much sunlight as possible, allowing photosynthesis to take place. In the evening, when there is no more light source, why they fold them back however, is still in debate. Some believe it to prevent bacteria and fungus from forming on their leaves, whilst other believe its solely due to their circadian rhythm. Receptors in the plants leaves respond to light in what is called nyctinastic movement ( like muscle that flexes and relaxes when exposed to a light source). 


Tewyn Pot (16cm)
Tewyn Pot (16cm)
Treen Pot - Turquoise (18cm)
Treen Pot - Turquoise (18cm)
Zennor Pot - Mint
Zennor Pot - Mint
Maenporth Planter
Maenporth Planter
Maenporth Planter

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Gorgeous plant, a real visual treasure

jessie m.

This is a lovely plant and the colour of the leaves are amazing

leonie b.

Bought my first ever plant, a money tree. Absolutely happy with product and delivery.

Will definitely purchase from there again.

nadine s.

Plants and essentials were beautiful. Great communication throughout. Delivery date only a few days (considering the pandemic). Will be purchasing from earth and vine again and recommending to friends and family. Great service and products :)


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