Additional Information

Bright Indirect Light

Wait until the top half of soil is dry before watering again.

Prefers warmer temperatures. Normal household humidity will be fine

Doesn't require fertiliser but you can feed with a very mild slow release fertiliser at the beginning of Spring.

History of Madagascar Dragon Tree

Dragon trees first became a popular house plant back in the 1960s. Native to Madagascar these trees can reach heights of 15 feet however it grows pretty slow so will take a few years before you see any substantial growth.

Rooted in Mythology

Dating back thousands of years, it is believed a 100 head dragon named Ladon was slain by villagers and from its blood bloomed hundreds of trees which the locals called Dragon Trees.


Peninsula Emerald Planter (20cm)
Peninsula Emerald Planter (20cm)

People love us

I am very pleased with my Madagascan Dragon Tree. It makes a great addition to my display plants and is flourishing. It easy to take care of too!


Fantastic service, products all arrived in perfect condition and very quickly. Would recommend to anyone and everyone looking to buy beautifully scented and crafted candles, or plants for their zen palaces and those wishing to support small businesses.


Fast delivery & great products
I had a really great experience with with Earth and Vine. I ordered 3 plant potters, which came to around £45. The quality of the planters are really great and they have a contemporary vibe with natural textures that love.

The planters arrived in 3 business days as I ordered on a weekend, and we’re securely packaged so there was no broken ceramics to worry about!

100% would recommend!


The delivery was swift and I loved the personal touch. My elephant ear plant is in perfect condition, very happy with my order. Have ordered from other online plant stores but earth and vine's quality is top.


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