Jade Plant (crassula ovata)

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How to look after your Jade Plant 

Bright full sun helps it to develop beautiful red tips

Water sparingly allowing top 2 inches of soil to dry out between watering.

Warmer room temperatures help Jade Plants thrive

Feed once every 6 months with a balanced water soluble cactus and succulent fertiliser.

History of Jade Plant

Jade plants are native to South Africa and have been cultivated in Europe and America for hundreds of years. 
These slow growers are considered generational plants as they live so long they are often passed down from generation to generation. 

Good luck?

It is believed that Jade plants attract prosperity and good luck meaning they are considered good Feng Shui plants. According to Feng Shui experts, Jade plants give off nourishing 'chi' and positive energy and is said to help people with their financial security and adds wealth. 

It also represents friendship, good luck, wealth and opportunity.


Gylly Pot - Ivory (15cm)
Gylly Pot - Ivory (15cm)
Zennor Pot - Mint
Zennor Pot - Mint
Maenporth Planter
Maenporth Planter
Maenporth Planter

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Quick delivery, and the plant came in great condition.


Very happy with my new money plant. It is growing really well and easy to look after, as the website info stated.

julia y.

In love with my Swiss cheese plant! Super quick service too :)


Loved the efficient service and the plant and pot are lovely. A perfect housewarming present for a friend. Thank you Earth and Vine

nicky d.

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