Devils Ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

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How to look after your Devil's Ivy

Moderate light – isn’t fussy – can live in shade of bright light! Not too bight though- don’t scorch its leaves.

Water when top inch of soil is dry. Can handle long periods of drought.

Room temperature. Prefers high humidity but can tolerate normal room conditions. 

Grows quickly on its own but you can feed once a month during its growing season if you want to grow even faster.

History of Devil's Ivy

Devil's Ivy is an invasive species of flowering plant native to French Polynesia. It has become naturalised in other tropical regions across the globe including Australia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Indies and the Pacific Islands. It is called Devil's Ivy because of its ability to stay green even in the dark and because of how difficult it is to kill.

Trail, hang or climb?

Devil's Ivy can grow up to 66ft tall if left to its own devices. This versatile plant can be hanged or trailed along bookshelves, shelving units, curtain rails or it can climb up trellises or a moss pole!


Maenporth Planter
Maenporth Planter
Maenporth Planter
Treen Pot - Turquoise (18cm)
Treen Pot - Turquoise (18cm)
Zennor Pot - Mint
Zennor Pot - Mint
Tewyn Pot (16cm)
Tewyn Pot (16cm)

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