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Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides)


Additional Information

How to look after your Chinese Money Plant

Bright indirect sun. Leaving in a slightly shaded area can encourage larger leaves.

Infrequent watering. Give it a drink once the top inch of soil is dry. Cut back during the colder months.

Flourishes in normal room temperatures however, slightly cooler can help it to produce small white flowers.

Benefits from a monthly feed with houseplant fertiliser during its growing season from Spring through Summer.

History of Chinese Money Plant

Native to Yunan Province in China, Chinese Money Plants were first brought to Europe in the 1940s by Norwegian missionary Agnar Espegren. It became incredibly popular in the 1970s and it's easy propagation earned it the name pass-it-along plant as people gifted cuttings to their friends and family. 

Propagate Your Plant!

It's incredibly easy to propagate your Chinese Money Plant, simply take a cutting from a mature leaf around 2inches away from the leaf (its best to do this in late Spring). Plant into a small container filled with multipurpose compost and water until the soil is moist but not soggy. Leave in a bright spot and check its rooting progress by lightly tugging on it to feel for resistance. Mist occasionally to create a humid environment which will encourage growth.

Quickly multiply your Pilea collection and share with all your friends!


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