Bird of Paradise (strelitzia)


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How to look after your Bird of Paradise

Loves Bright light. Thrives best when exposed to South, East or Westerly full sun. 

Allow the top 2 inches of soil to dry out slightly between watering keeping the soil consistently damp at all times.

Best kept in a highly humid environment similar to its native habitat.

Feed once a month during its growing season with an organic houseplant fertiliser. 

History of Bird of Paradise

Birds of Paradise are a species of Strelitziacaea native to South Africa. Its scientific name, Strelitzia Reginae was name by Sir Joseph Banks after Queen Charlotte, the duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.. The flower represents faithfulness, love and thoughtfulness and is the official flower for ninth wedding anniversaries. . 

Tropical Paradise

These exotic plants are used to the tropical environment of Southern Africa and so in order for them to grow and look their best, try to imitate that environment by providing at least 4 hours of bright full sun every day and increasing the humidity. We'd recommend either misting, purchasing a humidifier or using a pebble tray to do this. It's also important to wipe down it's leaves to allow photosynthesis and prevent pests. These great plants can grow up to 8ft and will develop bright orange and blue flowers if given the right care and attention.

Top tip! Rotate your plant occasionally to encourage even growth.


Kynance Planter (10.5cm)
Kynance Planter (10.5cm)
Kynance Planter (10.5cm)
Kynance Planter (10.5cm)
St Ives Planter (9cm)
St Ives Planter (9cm)
St Ives Planter (9cm)

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