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At earth & vine we want to make sure that we don't contribute to the plastic problem our world is facing. 

With the growing climate crisis looming many are becoming more aware of their own impact on the environment. Sustainable living, Eco-friendly, zero waste - these are all lifestyle choices that have found their way into the psyche of corporations and individuals. 



With a desire to remain as eco-friendly as possible all of our FSC certified cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable. 

We use kraft paper tape to securely seal your parcels and further reducing our plastic waste.

Each plant is wrapped with recycled corrugated cardboard to prevent damaged leaves during transit and paper bubble wrap is used to stop plants and fragile items from shifting around in their box and getting scratched or cracked. 



 When finding aromatherapy products to stock on our store we wanted to ensure that they were plant based and planet friendly. 

Ume collection incense use only the most precious barks, herbs, seeds and resins to blend their small-batch handcrafted sticks. Each one is 100% vegan and ethically sourced. 

They are free from any and all synthetic ingredients, fillers, bamboo core and charcoal.


Our essential oils are sourced from Booming Bob. Each bottle is completely water free. Only the most potent oils, waxes and extracts are used. 


Our candles are made of 100% soy wax. Soy wax is a natural and renewable alternative to the traditional paraffin wax which is a by-product of fossil fuels. Not only does soy wax burn longer and slower than traditional wax, but it also releases a soot-less smoke when burnt. It burns cleanly without releasing toxins, carcinogens or pollutants into your home. 

We also use wooden wicks. They produce a cosy and satisfying crackle when burning and are more sustainable than cotton wicks. 

Thousands of gallons of water is required to produce cotton and is considered "the most widespread, profitable non-food crop in the world." The production of cotton is incredibly environmentally unstable and causes long lasting effects on the agricultural industry and our planet. Along side excessive amounts of water, cotton also uses pesticides, fertlisers and minerals which seep into the soil threatening biodiversity and exacerbating the destruction of habitats. 

 Our wooden wicks are 100% FSC certified wood.