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Winter Plant Care Tips - 5 Steps to keeping your plants happy this Winter | earth & vine

Winter Plant Care Tips - 5 Steps to keeping your plants happy this Winter | earth & vine

❄ Winter is coming! But that doesn’t have to be a scary prospect for you plant parents out there. We’ve compiled a list of some changes you can make to make sure your plants survive the winter. 


Maximise Light

As soon as it hits October the days get shorter and the evening darkness comes much earlier than we’d like, especially for those with indoor plants. Plants need light to live and to grow – ensure your plant gets as much light as possible by wiping away dust from leaves that may interfere with photosynthesis and try moving them closer to any south facing windows to maximise sun time but keep away from any draughts.

Water infrequently

You may be used to watering your plants on a summer schedule where warmer weather causes the soil to dry up quicker. This isn’t the case in winter; make sure to water your plants sparingly to avoid over watering which can lead to root rot. Allow the first 2 inches of soil to dry out before watering again.

Up the humidity

Cold, dry air can cause browning and crisping leaves. With people turning to central heating which can suck the moisture out of the room - to counteract this try placing a tray of pebbles in water under your plant or invest in a humidifier to add back some much needed moisture. Have a look at our range of diffusers which add humidity back to the room whilst also giving off some of your favourite aromas.

Watch the temperature

Most plants are used to tropical environments and aren’t used to cold temperatures make sure you keep your room around 20 degrees Celsius so your plants don’t get too cold.

Pest Patrol

Keep an eye out for any pests like spider mites, fungus gnats or mealy bugs who can often make an appearance during the colder months. These annoying bugs thrive in warm, dry environments. Fungus gnats are attracted to over watered plants often living in the damp soil. Keep an eye on your plants and follow the above advice to prevent these pests from appearing. If you do come across a pest infested plant, isolate the plant away from the others and treat immediately by rinsing them down or spraying with a mild soap water and/or Neem oil solution.  

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