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What is Veganuary & How do I take part?

What is Veganuary & How do I take part?

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Veganuary – What is it and how do I take part?

In an effort to inspire millions of people to become more conscious of what they eat and use – Veganuary is a month where Vegans and non-vegans alike endeavour to go Vegan throughout the month of January.

Anxiety over climate change is at an all-time high with wild fires blazing in every corner of the world, and coronavirus being a threat that has decimated our lives with disastrous events not seen since the Second World War – it’s scary to know that with human activity bulldozing further and further into the depths of nature, pandemics like this are only going to become more frequent and increasingly catastrophic.

The faces behind Veganuary know this and are urging everyone to get involved and help build a better future for everyone.

 So this January, whilst you make the switch from chicken wings to buffalo cauliflower (which is delicious btw) why not explore avenues other than diet to expand your new vegan lifestyle. We’ve compiled a list of small changes you can make to help you take this challenge by storm!

  •  Ditch Fast Fashion – Fast fashion is unsustainable and perpetuates a cycle of cruelty to its underpaid workers and is responsible for 8% of the world’s carbon emissions. So yes, whilst that new Boohoo dress may look pretty it for sure isn’t cruelty free. Try shopping at a charity or thrift store for gorgeous pre-loved clothes. Apps like depop are also great for affordable second-hand clothing.

 Thrift store clothes hanging up

  • Invest in a reusable water bottle and coffee cup. We really love these ones from circular&co (formerally rCup) which is the world’s first reusable coffee cup made from other recycled coffee cups.

 rCup reusable Coffee Cup Circular & Co

Metal Safety Razor | sustainable

  • Use a bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush

  • Make your coffee with a cafetiere or reusable filter

Filter coffee


  • Shop Local – this one makes a huge difference on the environment and makes for a very happy small business owner. Explore our range of vegan aromatherapy products. Our Soy Wax candles, essential oils and incense sticks are all made small batch with the most eco-friendly practices and materials so you can relax guilt-free. Discover more here

 Herbs + Lavender soy wax candle


  • Collect rainwater for to water your plants.


 3 plants in a row - Monstera, Croton, Calathea Orbifolia


 Zero waste kitchen and bathroom spray cleaner


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