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Valentine's day is upon us and i'm sure plenty of you are scrambling around trying to find the perfect gift for that special person in your life, be it your partner, family member, friend or even yourself!

Whilst flowers have become the societal norm and alongside chocolates have been designated the cornerstone of this day of love, we'd recommend something else- something that lasts.

House plants are like flowers that won't die within a few days and help add a splash of colour all year round. Below are a few plants we'd recommend that say 'I love you' in the most natural way possible!


Peace Lily

These beautiful plants have rich green foliage and bloom soft white flowers which compliment all types of decor. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, Peace Lily's are low maintenance and require medium light conditions to maintain their delicate flowers. The great things about Peace Lily's is that they'll tell you when they need a drink through their wilting leaves - no mixed messages or mind games - the perfect plant!


Maranta leuconeura


Also known as a 'Prayer Plant', Maranta's are a colourful addition to any home. The light and dark green contrast leaves are accented with strips of red, the colour of love ;) They are one of the easiest Prayer Plant's to look after and can be trailed, hung or can climb making them as versatile as they are stunning. 


Jade Plant


Jade plants are the perfect metaphor for true love - slow growing and everlasting. With the right care, they live for a very long time and are often passed on from generation to generation which in turn makes them a symbol of good luck and positivity. They require very little doting and will thrive in a bright spot with occasional watering. 


Chinese Money Plant

Also known as the friendship plant or pass-it-along plant, Chinese Money Plants are known for easy propagation making it a favourite to share among friends and family. It's striking circular leaves look great on a window sill or other sunny spots (keep out of direct sunlight). These plants make great presents as they are super easy to look after, grow rather quickly and cuttings can be shared amongst friends. 



And there you have it. Our favourite house plants for gifting this Valentine's day and any other day really. Don't forget to #loveoneanother - we could all use a little extra this year <3 



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