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Best Office Plants to Spruce up your Desk

Best Office Plants to Spruce up your Desk

September has come around, kids are back off to school and many of us will have been invited back to work in the office. 

Working from home has been a blessing for so many of us and the idea of returning back to the office can be quite daunting. Long commutes, busy trains, awful canteen coffee and an uninviting environment are all things we'd all rather leave behind. 


We've compiled a list of (almost) indestructible plants that you can use add a bit of cheer to your office environment. Not only are these plants incredibly easy to look after but they're also amazing at brightening up a dull environment, purifying the air and boosting your mood. 

Check out some of our favourites!

  1. Cast Iron Plant

Cast Irons (Aspidistra) are as hardy as they are stunning. Simply elegant and tolerant of low light and infrequent watering, these plants are virtually neglect proof. They're slow growers but can reach heights of 3 feet tall.

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 2. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plants thrive when left alone. They're semi-succulents so can go long bouts between waterings. They're also tolerant of lower light conditions so will be fine in a corner or slightly dimmer space. These statement plants can grow up to 4 feet tall (but very slowly). 

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 3. Snake Plant

 Snake plants are known for being incredibly low maintenance. These succulents a tolerant of all light conditions including shade and full sun. They hold onto their water so can survive long breaks between watering. 

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 4. Rubber Plant

 Rubber plants are one those plants that are just impossible not to love. They're adaptable and low maintenance, making them perfect for office environments. Water deeply but infrequently, allowing the soil to dry out between drinks. 

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 5. Pothos

 Also known as Devils Ivy, this fast growing plant looks amazing hanging, climbing or trailing in your office. Create an urban jungle and add vibrant colour to every nook and cranny with this almost indestructible plant. Leave it alone and watch it grow!

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 6. Spider Plant

 Spider plants are a classic for a reason. They like to dry out between watering and can tolerate lower light levels meaning it's perfect for busy offices. Add a splash of green to your desk and watch as it produces pups with almost no maintenance at all. 

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 7. Chinese Evergreen

 This bright show stopper brings colour galore to your workspace. It's pink, red and green leaves look best in brighter light but can tolerate lower light conditions also. Incredibly low maintenance, this plant can survive long bouts of neglect.

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9. Peace Lily

This gorgeous plant produces pure white flowers whilst in lower light conditions. They're also great at letting you know when they're thirsty (water when the leaves begin to droop). Keep away from bright light to maintain its beautiful flowers

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Check out our office friendly collection to discover even more plants. 



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