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How to Make A Succulent Wreath | Sustainable & Natural Christmas Decorations

How to Make A Succulent Wreath | Sustainable & Natural Christmas Decorations
Happy December! 

Festive season is finally upon us - time to put up this christmas tree, simmer some mulled wine and get listening to some Buble.

One of our favourite pieces of Chrimbo decor is the wreath - the perfect welcome and invitation to your home and a great way to spread some christmas cheer to your lovely neighbours!

Whilst its super easy to buy a ready made wreath or even DIY your own with grasses, dried oranges and other festive bits - our favourite make is Succulent wreath.

Succulent wreaths are a great way to tell the world that you're a plant parent and don't care who knows it! They're super easy to make and last years upon years (as long as you remember to water them of course).

Follow our how-to below to craft your very own DIY Live Succulent Wreath!


First things first, you will need;

Assortment of Succulent Clippings (10 -15 should be fine)




10" Moss Wreath (Mesh lined)


Floral Pins


Floral Wire


Screwdriver/Scissors (or something else that's sharp and pointy)



1. Soak the Moss Wreath in a bowl of water until it's fully saturated. 

2. Remove the soil from your succulents to expose the roots

3. Arrange your succulents in the design you want.

4. Using a screwdriver make a small hole in the moss wreath, careful to not go all the way through to the other side. 

5. Carefully, plant the succulent into the hole and secure with floral pins.

6. Repeat until the entire moss wreath is covered to your satisfaction

7. Using the wire, make a loop and pin to the back of your wreath to easily hang from on your front door.


Only water your wreath when it feels dry. When watering, allow to soak in a bowl of water for 1 hour. 


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