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How to Build the Perfect Sanctuary

How to Build the Perfect Sanctuary

Your home is a space that makes you feel comfortable. It's a place for you to let go and let be. We spend so much time in our homes, it's only right that we'd want it to reflect how we want to feel. 

In many ways, our home is a sanctuary. A sacred space that supports your mind, body and spirit. We must protect our peace and a great way to do that is turn your home into a place where you are at your most comfortable.

1. Decorate your space with colours and patterns that promote positivity and feelings of content. Light, natural coloured walls are a great way to make spaces feel brighter and allow for your homewares to take centre stage.

We are firm followers in the art of wabi-sabi and we encourage you to follow its teachings too. Wabi-Sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy, rooted in zen Buddhism, that believes in the practice of simplicity, imperfection and impermanence. 

2. Follow your senses. Breathe life into your space by following your senses. What are they seeking? What are they reaching out for? How can you please them? 

Smell. The power of scents is one that lingers in your memory and can conjure up whatever connotations you apply to them. If you are trying to be more grounded, light incense or candles that have base notes of patchouli, cedar wood or sandalwood. These scent profiles encourage a deeper connection with the earth. Each one a reminder to anchor and align yourself with nature. We'd encourage rooting activities such as yoga and guided meditation alongside these scents to further root yourself in reality.

Sight. Our eyes are the windows to the soul, so it's incredibly important to surround yourself with pretty things. Fill your space with art, plants and soft lighting to fully nourish your soul. Plants are especially helpful in cultivating a sanctuary as they allow you to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors and  forms a long lasting connection with nature. 

Sound. Music is food for your soul. It's a powerful medium that can evoke feelings and emotions with a single tone. Listening to your favourite albums or tuning into guided meditations can help set the scene of your sanctuary. In the morning, whilst having a soak, or practicing yoga, we suggest singing bowls or white noise machines to raise the healing properties of these mindful moments.

3. Reduce clutter by creating spaces for things that bring you joy and things that don't. Keep anything that you're not using in a wicker basket and things that you like on display on shelves, tables and other surfaces. By keeping your sanctuary tidy, you'll feel freer and more in control. Clutter takes your focus off of yourself and forces you to distance yourself from moments that bring you peace. Keep things tidy to keep your eye on the prize (you, you're the prize).

Below are a list of things we curated to help you maximise the relaxing qualities of your sanctuary.

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