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Becoming earth & vine

Becoming earth & vine
We are Earth and Vine. A black-owned plant and aromatherapy store with a promise for the modern age: a promise to champion self-love, positive energy and peace of mind through the power of plants.
girl surrounded by plants - urban jungle
It’s no secret that pollution levels are sky rocketing, especially in towns and cities where more and more people are developing respiratory problems due to smog, carbon monoxide and other toxins. While the unwelcome arrival of covid-19 temporarily reduced emissions in cities, it also forced people to stay cooped up at home, unable to enjoy fresh air and green spaces. Remarkably though, it seemed to take a global pandemic for people to realise they needed to slow down and make self-care a priority in their lives. So, while people kept themselves busy by cultivating indoor hobbies, turning their homes into safe havens and creating energising home offices, we got busy individually hand-packing and delivering snake plants, peace lilies, bonsai's and succulents in pristine condition to anyone who asked.
Earth and Vine was born when our founder, Olivia, moved back to the Big Smoke after living for three years on the wild Cornish coast. She has always loved plants and dreamed of one day opening her own plant store and turning it into a creative sanctuary. Once settled in London, she found herself growing and propagating plants in her home in an effort to bring the essence and aromas of life on the coast to the city. The ritualistic nature of caring for house plants brought Olivia a sense of calm and an unexpected creative boost that prompted this quiet hobby to snowball into a full-blown passion project. It wasn’t long before Earth and Vine, the online store, was born.
Since then, we have helped people across London and beyond to turn their indoor spaces into a relaxing refuge away from bustling urban life with plants, pots and hangers, candles, smudge sticks, salt lamps and more! Our aromatherapy range sets us apart from other online plant stores. We recognise that it’s not just the aesthetically pleasing and detoxifying nature of plants that is beneficial to our health – it’s also their scent. For example, the lavender plant’s scent alone is known to reduce blood pressure and heart rate, relieve headaches, treat insomnia and asthma symptoms, and even promote hair growth! Plants are the lungs of Mother Earth and it’s our mission to reconnect people with nature and themselves in their search for inner peace.
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