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A Fresh Start - January Blues

A Fresh Start - January Blues

There's something about nature in January that feels, unlike any other month. The trees are bare, the gardens are still, and yet, the overwhelming sense that something special is on its way prevails.

Moments of reflection are natural at the beginning of the year, and standing in a garden surrounded by tones of blues and greys gives way to a hopefulness that I find can sometimes dwindle as the year proceeds.

January sparks the start of something new, new possibilities, and new opportunities. And though the growing season is yet to begin, we still see the heads of Witch-hazels and Winter Jasmine push through the freezing temperatures.

There might be a lesson there, one about perseverance that someone much more apt and profound may be able to teach, but while it's just me, I'd like to bring some kudos to January and to those that keep on going and growing despite the harsh realities that are sometimes thrown at us.

Although I am smitten with Spring and the colours it offers us, I'd like to take a moment of appreciation for January and all that dares to bloom there.

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